Amazing Awesome

Geography quiz

Introducing eTwinning Plus

Michael led us on an interactive geography lesson discovering our new eTwinning partners.

Maps to flags to quizzes and QR codes! An excellent way to learn more about

Gorgeous Georgia Awesome Armenians Merry Moldovians Terrific Tunisians

Unbelievable Ukranians and Amazing Azeris

We have left our IMG_8749details on the special forum and look forward to supporting our new eTwinners in their first projects.  ( For more details: Please change your profile settings to indicate interest in eTwinning plus projects and join the forum dedicated to this new venture).

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of Michael’s totally inter-active workshop on eTwinning Plus. It was very instructional and entertaining at the same time. It gave us a chance to find out the maximum we could about the eTwinning Plus countries in the time available. Thank you very much, Michael. Chris Sholl

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