Teaching European Citizenship Project & eTwinning Kits

This workshop was run by Beate Vollmer, a secondary school teacher of English and Philosophy. During the introduction, Beate explained with visual PowerPoint slides how the project was planned and shaped by the students, which were aged 12-18 year olds. Two years of project work we subdivided into 3 project kits, aimed at 10-13, 14-16 and 17-21 year old students. After a very interesting introduction, the participants were divided into groups of 4/5  – by working with partners on the ideas that had been presented and on how to turn these ideas into practice for the pupils.  This was an interesting activity for secondary age teaching, unfortunately there was no catering for primary school age planning in this session.

The feedback from the  different groups was very interesting, with different ideas relating to the subject of European Citizenship and how to use eTwinning and various ICT tools / video.

The crucial aim was for a project with sustainability by creating a community of responsible European Citizens working for a democratic and peaceful world, and at the same time give students a boost of self confidence, encouraging artistic expression and developing intercultural understanding through eTwinning.

A very well thought out session, delivered professionally. Well done, Beate!!