Quality in an eTwinning workshop

A full to bursting room to hear about quality in eTwinning projects.
Workshop in three parts: planning before, during the project and after.
Elizabeth states that preparation is everything. Define a projet that meets all project partners’ needs and define a calendar.
What are the students good at doing- have you asked your pupils what they want to do? Are they involved at the planning stage?
One teacher says the students can be very demanding! Another teacher gets the children to find their own partner school. A third teacher suggests not necessarily at that level but they should feel involved- it is their project.
Using student’s skills, whatever they are, is seen as empowering for students and utilising these skills- the diplomat, the ICT whizz, the language specialists- this is great practice for 21st century workplace skills preparation.
Other snippets of good practice at the planning stage:
Good communication
Clear, attainable goals,
Collaborative planning.
A short video conference for 15 mins to get to know your partner can solidify the project relationship – or not!

What is collaboration?
You need to share your work and build in some interaction, a quiz, or something for the partner to do with the exchange.
This was you will avoid the “so what?” response.

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