Here we are!


http://pear.ly/b0VMz – all’s there. Just click and check it up.

Good discussion = candy bar!;) Starts lovely.
A lot of people wanted to join but the training room got full with a blink of an eye.
Candies were most appreciated.;)
Turning off the lights may appear to be a serious problem when tradition meets new modern functionality.

Programs and what we can do with them in eTwinning?

Pictures: Microsoft autocollage, Photosynth, Sumo paint

Interesting how you can make panorama pictures and a sheep of popcorn and useless IKEA tools…

What about a comic book?

No problem! There are many free easy-to-use programs available.

Comic Master

Feel like animation?


Community clips

A good discussion is much appreciated. Tools look fantastic but will children be able to learn them quickly enough to use them? Some of us seemed to have turned Tool pro in some respects. We had some brave chaps in the audience who presented their own productions too.

We were instructed how to produce and use raster pictures.


It’s very easy to use 2.0 tools to make a mixture of information and pictures to make it digestable.


Last but not least…

If you feel like creating a magazine cover or a film poster, you’ll probably love BighugeLab which offers a wide range of accessible tools. And…

Flockdraw  for those who need a picture/drawing made simultaneously by children from all collaborating countries.

It was definitely worth it!