Panel Discussion: Reflections on eTwinning

The plenary session on the last conference day was highlighted by some proven experts as practitioners and researchers on the podium: Márta Hunya, Bettina Zeidler, Conor Galvin and Pieter Hogenbirk. After a short introduction of themselves, the panel members commented the following voting session, in which the audience could vote for certain statements.

Voting result 1

Voting result 1

The first question related to citizenship and eTwinning, as social competence is regarded to be part of the 21st century skills: “To what extent does eTwinning help to include citizenship into my teaching?”

According to 39.3% of the audience, eTwinning helps to include citizenship into the curriculum for their whole school, and for 32% eTwinning is at least helpful to include citizenship for their own teaching. Thus nearly three quarters of the teachers appreciate eTwinning as a valuable support to educate future European citizens (see voting result 1).

The next main topic of the conference – whole school approach – was investigated in the following voting questions. For example, 48.4% of the participants agreed that in their school the school management drives and supports eTwinning. And – a very positive and amazing result – 45% of the participants stated that eTwinning activities are integrated in most of the official curriculum subjects (see voting result 2 below).

Voting result 2

Voting result 2








eTwinning indeed seems to be well integrated into school life. Almost two thirds (63.5%) of the audience voted that eTwinning activities are done during school time.

3 thoughts on “Panel Discussion: Reflections on eTwinning

  1. It is important to qualify the results of the voting. Conor Galvin did a very succinct analysis of the results and some of this was collected in the Twitterfeed. In the event of 40% doing X, it implied that 60% could not do it – e.g. there was a challenge of some sort. In addition the make up of the audience needs to be considered. Almost 48.4% said they had approval from Senior Management but then almost 48.4% of the audience were Senior Management.

  2. Hi Marie,thanks for your comment. I think all of us on the panel had things to say about the voting. In general, it seemed to provide a really good way of opening out the conversation about eTwinning and where the future might take us. As did the twittter stream. I would personally have liked to have more participation with those in the room but at a large event like this one, that can be challenging.

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