Prize award ceremony

Prize award ceremony is always the most important and interesting part of the first day eTwinning European Conference. The high quality projects and their coordinators from the whole Europe are awarded in different categories. The winning projects are excelent examples of European cooperation, diversity, creativity, involvement of pupils and use of eTwinning and other ICT tools.

The ceremony began by awarding of the special prize categories. Project called “Dans le cercle des signes du zodiaque” has received the French language prize. The Spanisch language prize then has received project “I tell you, you tell me a tale/Te cuento, me cuentas un cuento”. This project was awarded especially thanks to its colaborative adaptation of traditional tales. Next in turn was the science prize category Marie Sklodowska – Curie. In this category was the most successful project “Fly me to the Moon”. This year was for the first time awarded the German language prize in which won the project DIREKT AUS. Winner of the prize English as a second language in early years education is the P.A.L.E – Play And Learn English –interactive, motivating and fun. Mevlana Prize for Intercultural Understanding is sponsored by Turkish NSS and it is ispired by the Muslim saint and Anatolian mystic from 13th century. Intercultural Dialogue Through fairy tales, drama and art with 37 partners from 28 countries received this new prize and it was very nice to see the most of the project partners on the stage to take their award. Next special Recognition Award which was given by Anne Gilleran from CSS received the project Schoolovision. This project lasts since 2009 and is inspired by Eurovision Contest. Within this project are among others involved countries eTwinning plus countries. The number of all project partners was 41. In the age categories 6 runners up and winners were awarded for their outstanding creativity and international collaboration. These prizes were given by Mr. Antonio Silva Mendes, Director of Lifelong Learning policies and programme at the European Commission. The overall winner of eTwinning prizes 2013 is the project “The rainbow village” including 8 partners from 8 countries (France, Greece, Romania, United Kingdom, Turkey, Italy, Slovakia, Poland). CONGRATULATIONS!!! One of the coordinator during her speech invited all conference participants to their village. How to do it? It is easy, just close your eyes and you can be there by one click of the eye.

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