Day 1. Video Streaming Part 1


Day 1. Video Streaming Part 2



Day 1. Video Streaming Part 3


Day 1. Video Streaming Part 4


Day 1. Prize_ceremony – video live streaming


Video of the Final Day- Wrapping up the conference




4 thoughts on “Videos

  1. It has been a great experience for me. I wish to thank everyone involved in the organization and in the best success of all the Conference various parts.

    Susanna Serpe

  2. I’m so happy in order to be there at the conderance . It was a great experiance for me. Meeting the teachers those were on twinning desktop or twinspace was gave us new opportunuties to know each other face to face.
    Thanks again for the organisation and to the big e-twinning family…
    Belgin Tunç

  3. Greetings from Latvia! Thank you for so nice conference! It was great experience for me! It is very nice that we have possibility to see those videos and remember that nice time in Lisbon!
    Thank you all!

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